Rachel Rivers-Coffey Student Journalist of the Year:

Each year the N.C. Student Journalist of the Year is selected from among the top graduating seniors in scholastic journalism programs across the state. Journalism professionals and faculty evaluate entrants. The winner receives the Rachel Rivers-Coffey Scholarship from the N.C. Press Foundation and is eligible to compete for scholarships in the national Journalism Education Association contests.

The N.C. Student Journalist of the Year competition was officially named the Rachel Rivers-Coffey Student Journalist of the Year in 2001, when the N.C. Press Foundation began to fund the annual scholarships.

Past N.C. Student Journalist of the Year Winners:

  • 1990: Taryn Samantha Gordon, West Charlotte High School
  • 1993: Jennifer Anne Carr,¬†West Charlotte High School
  • 1994: Jason Andrew Dennis, West Henderson High School
  • 1995: Eric Chernoff, T. Wingate Andrews High School
  • 1996: Meggan Claire Everidge, North Iredell High School
  • 1997: Martin Louis Johnson, West Henderson High School
  • 1998: Kate Hartig, Manteo High School
  • 1999: Sarah Elizabeth Williamson
  • 2000: Timmery Pearl, Manteo High School
  • 2001: Gabrielle Clift, Manteo High
  • 2002: Kathleen Pennock, West Henderson High
  • 2003: Jessica Held, Morehead High
  • 2004: Alexanderia Wolfe, West Henderson High
  • 2005: Adam Playford, Riverside High
  • 2006: Danielle Landskroener, First Flight High
  • 2007: Natalie Scott, First Flight High
  • 2008: Kesha Hudson, West Henderson High
  • 2009: Nicole Mortimer, Ravenscroft
  • 2010: Molly Hudson, South Iredell High
  • 2011: Janie Sircey, Charles D. Owen High
  • 2012: Resita Cox, Kinston High
  • 2013: Hailey Johns, West Henderson High
  • 2014: Lauren Stepp, West Henderson High
  • 2015: Sam Doughton, R.J. Reynolds High
  • 2016: Arijit Sen, West Henderson High School

National High School Journalist of the Year:

After being named North Carolina’s student journalist of the year, student are able to compete in the national JEA Journalist of the Year competition. The follow North Carolina winners have placed in the national competition over the years.

One National Winner:

  • Kathleen Pennock, West Henderson High, 2002

Two National Runners Up:

  • Lauren Stepp, West Henderson High, 2014
  • Danielle Lanskoener, First Flight High, 2006