stick2David Stick

Once called a living legend, Stick became the director of the North Carolina Scholastic Press Institute when he was a freshman at UNC-Chapel Hill. He directed the program in its second year after meeting Mac Smith and Stuart Rabb through The Daily Tar Heel, and the Institute was a great success.

He then left campus to work elsewhere but returned to direct the third and fourth years of the program. Before he handed over the reins, he made sure NCSPI was in good hands and would continue to be held annually.

In 1995, after learning of the expansion of the program, Stick wrote, “In 1940, I had expressed the hope that the day might come when NCSPI could be of service to the school papers and editors throughout the year. It has taken more than half a century, but that day has finally come.”

Photo courtesy of The Daily Tar Heel.